Excerpt of Roxanna Panufnik's
All Shall Be Well

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World premiere performance recorded live on Sunday 8th November 2009 at Clifton Cathedral, Bristol

Exultate Singers with Richard May (cello) conducted by David Ogden
Recorded by Richard Jeffrey-Gray

Recording copyright © Richard Jeffrey Gray, Hoxa Sound www.hoxa.net


Bogurodzica (verse 1)

Bogurodzica, Dziewica, Mother of God, Oh Virgin,
Bogiem sławienaMaryja, Glorified Mary by God,
Twego syna, Gospodzina, Your son, our Lord,
Matko zwolena, Maryja. Chosen Mother, Mary,
Zyszczy nam, spuści nam, Conquer for us, bestow upon us,
Kyrie eleison. Lord have mercy.

Julian of Norwich (in Middle English)

Al thing shal be wele.
... al manner of thing shall be wele.
Take now hede faithfully and trosting,
and at the last end thus halt verily sen it in fulhede of joye.

Bogurodzica (verse 2)

Twego dziela Krzciciela, Bożcyze, For the sake of your Baptist, God's son,
Usłysz głosy, napełn myśli człowiecze. Hear our voices, fulfill mankind's intentions.
Słysz modlitwę, jaż nosimy, Hear the prayer we offer
a dać raczy, jegoż prosimy; And grant us what we ask of him:
a na świecie zbozny pobyt, A pious stay on earth
po żywocie rajski przebyt. And after life, Paradise.

Julian of Norwich (in modern English)

All things shall be well.
... all manner of things shall be well.
Have faith, and have trust, and at the last day you shall see it all transformed into great joy.
Kyrie eleison.

Polish Traditional (Bogurodzica)
Translation by Roxanna Panufnik

and Julian of Norwich: Divine Revelations, from Chapter 32
Adapted by modern English by Roxanna Panufnik


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